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2011 has been a terrific year for us. We have met some interesting and amazing characters (staff, travellers, students and teachers alike!) we have been to some remarkable new locations, challenged our clients with new activities and made a ton of new friends. Here is a recap of what we have all done, seen, experienced and learnt:

We had everyone from the age of 11-63 years of 26 different nationalities join us this year in Sabah, Borneo!



We have had some amazing staff members work with us!
We have seen some amazing sights gorgeous sunsets & sunrises, impressive landscapes and curious looking animals.

We have set up camp in many different locations.

We have slept in hammocks in the rain!


We have seen some creative art by students and teachers.


We have trekked up and down hills, mountains and valleys.

We have tasted some interesting cuisines!

We have swam in the ocean and rivers.

We have planted trees (alot of trees!)

We have gone white water rafting, mountain biking, snorkeling, climbing and a whole lot more. (The list is about a mile long!)









We have experienced culture and learnt about the different tribes in Sabah, Borneo and we also learned to make some handicrafts.


We learnt about the biodiversity of  Borneo and its flora and fauna (Did you know that there was such a thing as a Kerosine plant?!)

We also learnt that Borneo is not only the 3rd largest island in the world it is also home to the oldest rainforest in the world (70 million years older than the Amazon!.)

We learnt alot of new teambuilding games.

We learnt about conservation.










We learnt that there are organisations and individuals out there who care about the planet just as much as we do!

(Thank you all for the contribution of trees!)









We also learnt as a company who is passionate about the outdoors, that there is always room for improvement and always new places to go, new sights to see and new experiences to be had and all this should be done responsibly (taking into consideration of how we impact the environment and villages) and safety of everyone involved in our trips.

Before we end our post we would like to give a big shout out to North Star and EIS school Dubai who have been out here for 3 consecutive years and a massive thank you to all our staff who have not only been amazing but have gone above and beyond their call of duty.

We made alot of new friends and have seen many smiling faces at the end of our expeditions/trips.



We hope to see you again in Borneo and hope you have had an incredible 2011 its time to start planning your adventures for 2012.
Watch this space for our adventures in the coming year!

See you next year,

Will & Mia Robinson      

and the The Wild Borneo Expeditions team!